Coffee of the Day: Gourmet Coffee
What makes gourmet coffee beans so distinct? Coffee beans are grown all over the world. So what makes a coffee bean gourmet? It is all in the roasting process.
Gourmet coffee beans hail from all over the world. They come in the form of Arabian beans, Columbian beans, Costa Rican, and Hawaiian as well.

Gourmet coffees are sold in major coffee chains such as Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Dunkin Doughnuts, and Honey Dew Doughnuts. Gourmet coffee beans are ground to perfection to produce a gourmet cup of coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino.
A gourmet coffee bean is the utmost in a great cup of coffee, freshly ground and brewed. Millions of people around the world are addicted to gourmet coffee to get them going in the morning, or give them a boost in the afternoon. There are gourmet coffee clubs with millions of members who order their gourmet coffee beans every month. They pay the often-extravagant prices to become charter members to offer their opinions in which flavor of gourmet coffee bean is the best.

However, the gourmet coffee bean is not cultivated with flavors; the flavors are added during the roasting process to guarantee freshness and flavor. There are thousands of labs throughout that are dedicated to creating new and exciting flavors for the gourmet coffee bean. They strive to create new flavors that will have gourmet coffee lovers savoring every sip.

For the holidays, there are gourmet coffee flavors for every season. All coffee lovers agree that to make the best cup of coffee, the gourmet coffee bean should be freshly ground, and well-filtered water should be used to brew it.

Keeping the gourmet coffee bean fresh has always been a controversy. Some coffee lovers swear by sealing the gourmet coffee bean in airtight container and keeping them in the freezer, and using only the amount recommended. Other experts point out that freezing opened coffee will cause condensation and freezer burn. Transferring the coffee to a thermal carafe promptly after brewing ensures that the gourmet coffee is kept fresh.

Some gourmet coffee shops prefer to grind and brew their gourmet coffee, and discard any unused coffee after a certain amount of time.

Gourmet coffee beans have a shelf life of about 6 months, although they rarely sit on a shelf that long. Some shops have special discounts on gourmet coffees for the holidays and for gourmet coffee lovers; these sales are something to look forward to.

There are thousands of sites online that offer discounted prices on gourmet coffee beans. They claim to have the freshest coffee beans at the absolute lowest prices.

Finding the best sites or coffee shops from which to buy gourmet coffee beans takes some research. It is trial and error, but ultimately, it all depends on the consumers taste. They will decide which gourmet coffee is right for them.